Animal Farm

Set and Costume Design
Directed by Emily McLean | Written by Van Badham | Video Design by Michael Carmody |
Lighting Design by Karen Cook | Sound Design/Composition by Rachael Dease
Black Swan Swan State Theatre Company | STCWA | 2021

“Set and costume designer Fiona Bruce gives us a highly industrialised set, that evokes memories of stark, cold animal pens, and is dominated by a huge screen – an important part of the staging and styling. Fiona Bruce has fun with the dozens of costumes; a military inspired ‘under-costume’ overdressed with some delightful accoutrements to create dozens of animal and human characters”. Stage Whispers. 2021.

“…Fiona Bruce’s stark set of scaffolding and black corrugated tin suggests a more sinister world… Crowd control barriers suggest political rallies or, more disturbingly, the corralling of animals for slaughter”. The Conversation. 8 Oct 2021.

“The playful choices from set and costume designer Fiona Bruce complement the humour of the both the new script and Orwell’s original.” Seesaw Magazine. 8 Oct 2021.


Production Photos

Photography by Daniel J Grant

Costume Renderings

Political powerhouse Van Badham (Banging Denmark, The Guardian) delivers an internet-fast brilliantly sharp adaptation of George Orwell’s response to authoritarian government in Animal Farm. This high-octane satire boils with the potency and emergency of a viral tweet. Trust us. You’re going to love it.

My fellow patriots,


The reign of terror is over. You have put your faith in animalism and it has delivered. Best economy we’ve ever had. Ask a lot of pigs and they’ll tell you nobody knows economy better than me. Best thing… you’re really going to love this… you can’t wait to hear it I know… they always say I have the best ideas… we’re building a windmill! Trust me. You’re going to love it. Made by animals, for animals, bringing power to animals!

Black Swan State Theatre Company