Directed by Emily McLean| Written by Suzy Miller | Video Design by Mia Holton | Lighting by Trent Suidgeest | Black Swan State Theatre Company | Heath Ledger Theatre | STCWA | 2014

 “The bright, detailed costumes were marvellous – special mentions for the dust stained wedding dress and the Hazmat suits” – Sydney Morning Herald. 7 June 2014.

“Director Emily McLean handles her Heath Ledger debut with aplomb and Fiona Bruce’s billowing set and Trent Suidgeest’s shades of ochre lighting are often spectacular”. – The West Australian. 9 June 2014.

“Fiona Bruce’s design is amazing. Opening with a lowered lighting rig, the semi-industrial, draped set rises to create a strong feeling of dust hanging over multiple locales in Perth.” – Stage Whispers.


Production Photos

An anxious bride, mother of the bride and wedding planner await weather updates.

A wedding in a dust storm.

Stuck at the airport.

In the taxi.

Braving the storm in Hazmat suits.

The perfect excuse to stay indoors.

Photography by Gary Marsh


What would you do if the world outside changed in an instant?

A great wind completely blankets Perth with red dust. Some believe that an apocalypse looms. But for others – a man and his young step-daughter, two strangers stranded in an airport lounge, young lovers in a hotel suite, a bride-to-be watching her white wedding disintegrate – the storm might be a gift.

A stunning look at the ways in which we love, blame, connect, and find beauty in the chaos of our lives.

Tender, uplifting and unforgettable, Dust, by acclaimed and dazzling playwright Suzie Miller is about the odysseys we embark on when our worlds turn upside down.

Black Swan State Theatre Company