Literature Lane

City of Melbourne | Literature Lane Festival | Conceptual Project | RMIT Master of Communication Design |2016

Project Brief

The event strategy for Literature Lane is to encourage active participation with Melbourne as a City of Literature, and promote creative tourism. Events are designed to highlight how literature can enrich the every day lives of the general public. This is achieved through a pop-up cafe-bar space, a small stage for literature readings and performance, and a book bus.

Literature Lane houses a permanent, serial installation which is updated quarterly. The installation is interactive and encourages creativity through playing with keywords in quotes or expressions to form new meanings. The installation opens with the theme of ‘proverbs’ but will change based on suggestions offered by the public.

The identity for Literature Lane Festival works in a myriad of different sizes, and is readily identifiable to audiences. It uses bright, bold, high contrast colours and block lettering to energise the space with both confidence and playfulness.


Poster-covered walls at either end of the lane way will attract passers by. During the festival, these locations would also be a good place to post the daily festival programs.



Literature Lane functions as a detour, rather than as a thoroughfare. For this reason, Literature Lane must be-come a destination in itself to attract visitors. Food and beverage carts, and cafe seating can be a way of encouraging people to stay longer. The furniture in Literature Lane is designed to be easily packed up and set out daily to accommodate the daily operations of the lane way for surrounding businesses.



Blank walls in Literature Lane are skinned with rolled steel sheets, then painted. Strips of text, such as proverbs, have keywords deleted, then are adhered to the painted steel using low-fi poster canvasing methods to suit the lane way’s aesthetic. Magnetic white keywords can then be inserted in the blank spaces and swapped around by the public, creating new words of wisdom.



Literature Lane’s Book Bus is a pop-up bookshop stocking literature produced in Melbourne and other UNESCO Creative Cities. The bus is not always located in Literature Lane, but travels around the suburbs of greater Melbourne. A short arm of Literature Lane acts as a depot for the book bus at peak pedestrian traffic times such as lunch and after work.



Future opportunities for merchandise may include an annual good book guide, literature walking tour maps, Kindle sleeves, reusable travel mugs and t-shirts.



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