Midsummer [A Play With Songs]

Directed by Damon Lockwood | Written by David Greig & Gordon McIntyre | Lighting Trent Suidgeest | Black Swan State Theatre Company | Heath Ledger Theatre | STCWA | 2013

Image by Gary Marsh

 “A clever minimalist set by Fiona Bruce allowed the two actors to appear in small box windows as multiple characters. Revolving walls moved together and apart to create multiple scenarios in an intimate setting….” – Australian Stage. 17 Nov 2013

“The set was a wonderful creation, a puzzle box of windows and cupboards, that joined and split to create everything from a cathedral doorway to a fetish club to the initial fateful “bar for lawyers” and Helena and Bob’s homes.  The parts moved smoothly, allowing the players to flow from scene to scene, and the cunning design allowed props to appear and disappear as needed…” – Stage Milk. 15 Nov 2013


Helena is a divorce lawyer who can’t keep her hands off other women’s husbands. Bob is a small time crook who is getting far too old to be on the wrong side of the law. They meet in a bar on a Friday night. They have nothing in common and should never sleep with each other. But they do.

Their one night stand turns into a crazy and wonderful weekend full of ruined weddings, bags of money, car chases, Japanese rope bondage, sex and stubborn hangovers.

Black Swan State Theatre Company

Production Photos

Helena getting stood up in a wine bar.

Helena meets Bob.

The hangover before the wedding.

Helena arrives at the church too late to join the wedding party.

A Tesco bag full of cash.

Japanese rope bondage.

A wild night on the town.

Photography by Gary Marsh

Costume Renderings
 Set Model
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