The Glass Menagerie

Set and Costume Design
Directed by Clare Watson | Written by Tennessee Williams | Video Design by Michael Carmody |
Lighting Design by Lucy Birkinshaw | Composition & Piano by Tom O’Halloran
Black Swan Swan State Theatre Company | His Majesty’s Theatre | 2022

Fiona Bruce’s design is stunning, a set that beautifully evokes an apartment in 1937, despite its lack of walls, doors, and windows, with costuming that tells us much about the characters, as well as capturing the era with expertise. Stage Whispers. 2022.

“Without a curtain, Fiona Bruce’s set design is immediately striking…THE GLASS MENAGERIE speaks for itself as an icon of literature, however Black Swan Theatre Company enhances it with exquisite staging and superb acting”. Broadway World. 15 Aug 2022.

“The cinematic quality of the production rests on the elements Watson and her set and costume designer Fiona Bruce create for the stage at His Majesty’s… In its look, sound, and performances, this Glass Menagerie is a worthy addition to the long and distinguished line of productions of a 20th Century classic”. Seesaw. 5 Aug 2022.

Costume and Props Design in The Glass Menagerie

Discover the Set Design of The Glass Menagerie
Production Photos

Photography by Daniel J Grant

Costume Renderings


Winner of the New York Drama Critic’s Circle award for Best American Play, The Glass Menagerie is the timeless family drama that thrust Tennessee Williams into the international spotlight.

Amanda Wingfield only wants the best for her two children, Tom and Laura. With her socialite adolescence behind her, Amanda puts all her energies into pushing her children up the social and financial ladder from which she has fallen. Shadowed by the absence of a father, they struggle to break free from their mother’s imposing ways.

Clare Watson (York, The Torrents) exquisitely directs Tennessee Williams’ most vulnerable and semi-autobiographical play. Fuelled by pity and duty, burdened by love and hate, the Wingfields are one of theatre’s most iconic and heartbreakingly real families.

The incredible cast includes much loved Mandy McElhinney (Wakefield, Love Child, Paper Giants), Joel Jackson (Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries), along with Acacia Daken (Itch, Lies Within Us) and Jake Fryer-Hornsby (Halim, Dracula).

This tour de force performance is your grand night out at the theatre.

“An astounding self-portrait by the great Tennessee Williams, this play is full of humour and heartbreak. The Glass Menagerie piques our nostalgia and arouses our yearning. It’s like we’re watching ourselves on VHS in a time when we were a little more glamorous and much more devil-may-care.”
Clare Watson, Director.

“Haunting in its beauty and not to be missed.” Broadway World.

Presented through special arrangement with The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee.

Black Swan State Theatre Company