The Seagull

Directed by Kate Cherry | Written by Antony Chekhov | Adapted by Hillary Bell | Lighting by Jon Buswell | Sound by Ash Gibson Greig | Black Swan State Theatre Company | Heath Ledger Theatre | STCWA | 2014

 “Kate and her designer Fiona Bruce succeed in evoking a shimmering aura of lost innocence that made me laugh and weep at the follies of the figures onstage” – Daily Review. 19 Aug


Production Photos

Act 1. Konstantin’s stage


Act 1. A moment between Dr Dorn and Polina


Act 1. Nina meets Trigorin for the first time.


Act 2. Dr Dorn and Polina in the garden.


Act 2. Nina and Trigorin in the garden.


Act 3. Arkadina and Sorin at lunch.

Photography by Gary Marsh

Costume Renderings

The lives of unforgettable characters, including the famous novelist Trigorin, the celebrated actress Arkadina, her son Konstantin and the young Nina, unfold in Chekhov’s work of genius.

The Seagull is about the stories we craft out of our dreams and disappointments, about love in all its guises and about artists who behave just like everyone else – only a little bit more so!

Tender and humorous, this play is for anyone touched by love, or anyone who harbours a secret passion for Who magazine. A passionate, delightful, infuriating diva brings her entourage home to the family estate, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Glittering with style, talent and passion, Emmy and AFI Award-winning and Golden Globe and BAFTA Award-nominated Greta Scacchi is born to bring Arkadina to life.

By Anton Chekhov (in a new adaptation by Hilary Bell, by arrangement with the State Theatre Company of South Australia)

Black Swan State Theatre Company